Traveling is a social undertaking. No matter how you look at it, you’re bound to meet people and have an effect on them. The way you choose to affect others during your journey can make a real impact in their lives.

In most cases, long-term traveling (and I don’t mean staying at an all-inclusive resort) has beneficial effects on your state of being. It relaxes you, awakens your senses, stretches your intellect, and satisfies you in a way day-to-day life isn’t likely to do. As a result, you’ll be more patient, creative and understanding. This means that you’re in a better position to have a positive effect on others. What better way to use that positive energy than to travel the globe and help the places you visit and the people you meet?

We’re in it together. We’re one.

Unlike what a selection of popular politicians would like you to believe, we’re all the same. We may have different traditions, beliefs and hair colors, but we’re still all made up of 60% of water, a framework of bones and a range of emotions that none of us fully understand. Instead of being divided by our differences, we should seek to help each other and grow in our mutual similarities.

There’s a big chance you feel the need to help others, and that’s no surprise. It’s in your genes. We want to help our kin and we feel empathy towards those who struggle in certain fields. It’s an interesting topic, since social psychologists aren’t certain about why we feel the need to help others. It might be part evolution, part egoism and part altruism. It’s hard to say, but they definitely agree on the fact that it’s a valuable, beneficial, positive and natural need that humans experience.

I think Charlie Chaplin said it quite well when he stated:
“We want to live by each other’s happiness, not by each other’s misery.”

Make good things happen. Make a difference.

It can be overwhelming to consider just how many places could use an extra hand. There are many ways for you to contribute to an organization or community. Whether you choose to invest your effort into education, health, guidance or farming, help is universally appreciated. As long as you put your heart into it, you’re on the right path.

If you’ve always dreamed of exploring the local cultures of Uganda, you could really make a difference helping the Ntoroko Rural Development Network. You’ll help them to train the rural community in sustainable agriculture, health, poverty reduction, natural environment conservation, education, savings and tourism techniques. In short, you could really be a pillar to help build strong local communities and make them grow.

Wanna try and make an impact on several places at once? Try heading over to Fresno, California. You’ll be helping a non-profit organization that processes and ships food to approximately a hundred impoverished nations. With a hundred nations to feed, they’re often on the hunt for more volunteers. A mentionable perk is that they’re located near the Sequoia National Park, not a bad place to clear your mind or check out the largest trees on earth.

Or maybe your heart lies in guiding and teaching young children. The Binh Minh special school and Center for people with disabilities Phuc Tue are currently taking care of over 190 children. As a daycare assistant, you’ll be teaching, helping and playing with orphaned as well as disabled children. Become part of their loving family as you learn to understand their situations and what you can do to improve their lives.

Helping others is a way to gain everything while giving your all. There’s always a place for you to offer a helping hand or two. Wherever you decide to go, if you’re looking to make a positive social impact, go with your heart. Be sure to change another person’s life for good.



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