While art is a hard-to-define principle, most people would agree that the world would be quite a desolate place without it. Even though not everyone has a natural talent for arts, you might be surprised what travel could do for your creative skills.

It’s a fact that creative people tend to travel more than others. But did you know that traveling also makes you a more creative creature? Several studies have shown that traveling for an extended period of time makes your creativity peak. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise though, since they say creativity is primarily about connecting the dots, and traveling the globe exposes you to lots and lots of those dots.

Dipping yourself into a new culture opens up your mind, forcing you to think in different ways and come up with a range of inventive ideas. Fancy scientists refer to this concept as “cognitive flexibility.” The more cognitively flexible you are, the more creative you will be. Thus the more you travel, the more you can use your creativity to invest in your artistic abilities.

It’s about making the world a more
interesting place.

Whether your skills lie with painting, decorating, graphic design or any other field, art is a universally known concept. It is needed and appreciated in every single culture around the world. While it’s difficult to specify what art is, most people would agree that art is a work created with technical or imaginative skill which evokes an appreciative or emotional response. Or to put it more simply, a world without art would be a quiet, gray, and bleak world to envision.

Even though we sometimes wonder if there are people that would actually belong in such a world (like that grumpy mister this morning) it doesn’t sound like something anyone would enjoy all that much. So let’s contribute to making the world a more colorful place, one host at a time. Yes, it’s possible to travel the world with your artistic talents! As aforementioned even scientists agree that making art while traveling sounds like a match made in heaven. So why not try your luck at it?

Calling all artists!

You could, for example, fill the walls of this Brazilian hostel with pieces of your making. Get together with other hostel members and have a brainstorm session on what to create together. Anything goes: graffiti, videos, paintings, collages, photography, let loose and bring something new into existence. The hostel is your gallery.

Or maybe you want to take on a different challenge. Feel like redecorating a cosy hostel located in a central residential area in Budapest? They’re not looking for the next Picasso, so don’t worry about not being a majorly renowned artist. Just let your ideas run wild and catch the next train to Budapest, because this host is within walking distance of the Budapest East Train Station.

Not your cup of tea? Want to do more than create art alone? If you have any experience with teaching next to your artistic talents, you could try being an English coach at a school in Bangkok. Apart from the technical aspect of teaching a language it’s important to stimulate students (adults too!) with a range of creative outlets. Most teachers will know creativity and art are a must when teaching. Especially with kids it plays a part in building emotional perception, intuition and creativity.

As you can see there’s much more to art than just scribbling some lines on paper or taking a quick snapshot. Someone once said: “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls”, and while we might not be the next Pablo Picasso, it’s pretty hard to disagree with him on that one. It’s not unlike how I – and many others with me – feel about traveling.

Art, just like travel, is a vital part of our day-to-day life. And with many artistic projects and endeavors anywhere around the globe, you have the opportunity to do both at once.



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