Last year, thousands of travelers accepted the challenge of exchange their skills for accommodation using Worldpackers. If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

This award is given by Worldpackers to the TOP 60 best Hosts we have on the platform, the ones with great reviews and recommendations, as well as high number of confirmed trips during 2016. Thanks to them, lots of travelers could experience the world, learn new languages, make a positive impact and have fun!

Collaborative Tourism through Worldpackers generated over 300,000+ nights of exchange worldwide and we have selected JUST FOR YOU the best places to collaborate in the world, some of them are looking for people right now. Get inspired by the reviews of those who have lived this experience and start planning your next trip.

Here’s the whole list:

 CVTD Vietnam – Hanoi, Vietnam
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“My time with CVTD was absolutely incredible. This was my first trip as a solo traveler, Dung and his family’s hospitality completely calmed my nerves. I felt at home the moment I arrived. The accommodation is cozy, and the hours are more than fair! I had plenty of time to travel and explore Vietnam on my days off from volunteering. The volunteering itself is a challenge, but it should be! I can honestly say being with CVTD was a life changing experience. I would love to go back.”

by the worldpacker Paige, from Canada

Thong Tos Foundation – Bangkok, Thailand
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“Teaching English for Thai children was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. The hosts are amazing and super generous, the project is extremely beautiful and the experience exceed totally my expectations. If you are looking for a nice volunteer job you should definitely share your English knowledge with these children.”

by the worldpacker Franz Junior, from Germany

Piratas da Praia Hostel – Recife, Brazil
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“Piratas was my first experience on Worldpackers and was truly exceptional.the hostel is conveniently located just a block away from a beach, it’s clean and well organized. The staff of the hostel is really friendly and they will make you feel at home from your very first day. Paulo, the owner, is a very interesting and open person . Just go and see for yourself!”

by the worldpacker Jacek, from Poland

Bluekay Cabanas – Mahahual, Mexico
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“It was my first time volunteering via World Packers, I had never traveled on my own to a destination where I would know no one as well, so I did not know what to expect! The whole staff working at this place were really nice and friendly! I had applied for the reception and administration position but I was put to do a little bit of everything which was okay since I mainly applied to learn not to get to know Mahahual. I enjoyed my time here, Breakfast and lunch were always delicious and the environment was really chill, no one was strict. I would highly recommend anyone to volunteer here.”

by the worldpacker Punky, from El Salvador

Terra Extremus Hostel – Santiago, Chile
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“Terra Extremus is in one of the best locations in Santiago. Extremely close to the metro and Bellavista (the party neighborhood). It is very easy to go out and meet people and adventure all over Santiago from the hostel. The hostel itself is very interesting and there is a lot going on. A bar, restaurant, terrace, bar, cafeteria, hostel, and soon a grow shop all in one location. There are also a lot of Worldpackers (7-12 during my stay) so there are many people from around the world to meet and become friends with. Loreto makes the schedules for packers and runs reception and she is amazing.”

by the worldpacker Nile, from Brazil

SnowBunnys BackPackers Hostel – Kitzbuhel, Austria
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“I had a such amazing and funny time in Snow Bunnys Hostel. Dave is one of the best people I’ve ever met. He is so funny and helps in everything that we need. The city is pretty small and when isn’t winter season don’t have a lot of things to do. But the hostel environment is great, funny and really happy. Sad need to come back home, i would like to stay longer there. Thank you Dave for the great time. I’m so grateful for everything and i hope be back as soon as possible.”

by the worldpacker Gabriela, from Brazil

Alias Youth Hostel – Antwerp, Belgium
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“It was amazing! The place is really cool and the hostel crew are outstanding! I met friends that I’ll have for the rest of my life! It was a very relaxed and family environment where you can feel at home while traveling around meeting cool people to hang out with Thank you for all wonderful days, because you have taught me so many things I love YOU!”

by the worldpacker Ariadna, from Spain.

Hostel Alice – Sao Paulo, Brazil
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“I came all the way from Costa Rica to Brazil, looking forward to have something more than just a place to learn Portuguese and volunteering at Hostel Alice actually gave me the opportunity to live with Brazilians in the classical Grandma’s house with an amazing Brazilian Staff and of course it was the perfect place to improve my Portuguese.”

by the worldpacker Valeria, from Costa Rica.

WE Hostel Design – Sao Paulo, Brazil
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“If you are looking for an amazing experience as a Worldpacker, please do not hesitate on staying at We Hostel Design. It is difficult to find out who is the boss, because Guilherme “The owner”, will always treat you like family and will give the opportunity to make any suggestion in order to keep the hostel as one of the best of Sao Paulo.”

by the worldpacker Sebastian, from Colombia.

Everton Hostel – Liverpool, United Kingdom
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“There are no words to describe this experience! It doesn’t even feel like a hostel, you truly feel at home there. Everyone is super friendly and generous, I met amazing people from all over the world that are now like family to me! I’m definitely going back to Everton Hostel and you should too!”

by the worldpacker Ines, from Portugal.

Green Haven Hostel – Ubatuba, Brazil
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“The life in Ubatuba is nice. But all the staff and people you get to be with makes it great. And anything you need, you can ask Vini or Tulio and they will love to help you. Overall for me the experience was unbelievable! The language was never a problem and I got to learn a lot of Portuguese. I got to learn to surf and went often to the beaches nearby with the guys. Nightlife was always fun, both inside and outside the Hostel. Also, the weekly Churrasco (BBQ) makes you feel just like home and eating with your friends. I definitely plan to go back and visit the new family I made there.”

by the worldpacker Rubén Alejandro, from Mexico.

Mezcal Hostel – Cancún, Mexico
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“I was a volunteer in Mezcal Hostel for more than a month and it was one of the best experiences so far, the staff is amazing and were so nice to me. And it´s basically living in paradise, i met people from all over the world and learned a lot of new things. I would recommend this hostel to all the travellers because the work is fun and good and you have time to chill in the pool, go to the beach and explore Cancun and the cities around.”

by the worldpacker Alexa, from Mexico.

PV Hostel – Saint Julian’s, Malta
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“I’ve been two months there, and it was amazing! People there are really friendly and all of them make you feel inside a big family. Nick and Steve are so kind and patient, that it’s really easy to work with them if you have a good attitude. The other volunteers were great also, I had a lot of fun with them! The work isn’t hard at all, you can study English or enjoy the island in your stay, and the schedule is flexible! I’d recommend this hostel to everyone if you want to live a really good experience. Thank you for the opportunity! I love you!”

by the worldpacker Elena, from Spain.

Hostel Bol – Bol, Croatia
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“I recommend Hostel Bol 100%!! My stay there was amazing, I would love to go back. The city and beach are absolutely beautiful, it is a place to relax and/or party, depending on what you’re into. Goran is the best, he was so nice and welcoming, and (like he said) he always treated me like a co-worker and a friend, thank you Goran for everything!”

by the worldpacker Mariafe, from Peru.

Okupe Hostel Jardins – Sao Paulo, Brazil
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“It was one of the most beautiful experiences I made in Brazil! I learned many things in the hostel. I tried to integrate with the other staff, but unfortunately the time to stay was very short, i should remain much more. I met very nice people and sociable, who introduced me to new aspects of Brazilian culture. I hope to return to Okupe! definitely is an experience to be repeated!”

by the worldpacker Francesca, from Italy.

Dids Hostel – Sao Paulo, Brazil
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“I couldn’t have ask for a better place to work than with Dids! The staff were awesome and the owners of the hostel were incredible! I consider these guys to be my brothers! The friendships that I have developed during my time here will last a lifetime! I highly recommend this hostel to anyone and everyone! The staff and the owners were friendly!”

by the worldpacker David, from the United States.

Jungla del Jaguar – Drake Bay, Costa Rica
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“The other volunteers were amazing and the work projects were always changing and super fun! I learned so much about the culture and met so many fabulous people! The location is incredible and I’d recommend the Jungla to anyone looking for a fantastic, remote adventure!”

by the worldpacker Tori, from the United States.

ASH – Antwerp Student Hostel – Antwerp, Belgium
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“My time at ASH was awesome. The volunteers were great and the staff from the housekeepers to the reception peeps were all extremely welcoming and kind. The hostel is in a great location, has really good vibes and makes for a fun time. Thanks for everything guys!”

by the worldpacker Pierce, from the United States.

Ô de Casa Hostel – Sao Paulo, Brazil
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“Ô de casa used to be my home in SP for more than a month. I really liked the place, the neighborhood, the staff members, and the volunteers. There’s activities almost everyday in which both guests and staff take part! I had a great experience there… Although that was my first time as a Worldpacker and I think that it couldn’t have been better.”

by the worldpacker Ahmed, from Egypt.

Lisbon Chillout Hostel – Lisbon, Portugal
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“I had the most amazing summer in Lisbon Chillout Hostel! It is safe to say that the hosts and my colleagues felt indeed like a family. The atmosphere is pleasant and peaceful. The working conditions are just as described. I totally recommend it!”

by the worldpacker Melina, from Bulgaria.

Balmers Hostel – Interlaken, Switzerland
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“One of the best travelling experiences so far! Everything was perfect in this experience.Staff is super nice and tasks are not hard.There’s lots of great outdoor activities. Interlaken and the surrounding nature are mesmerizing! Do not hesitate to apply to Balmers, great time is guaranteed!”

by the worldpacker Aleksa, from Serbia.

The Dictionary Hostel – London, United Kingdom

“Working and staying at The Dictionary Hostel has been an amazing experience. At first the job can seem like too much, perhaps you feel overwhelmed if you’ve never done something like this before, because well… There’s a lot of work to do in a hostel! But once you get used to it (it’s only 4 hours), it will certainly be the best experience ever. It’s located in a perfect area, the hostel is really really cool and it has everything you need and everything you could ask for a hostel. And the company… Well, that was the best for sure! The staff is caring, loving and very very welcoming.”

by the worldpacker Teresa, from Spain.

Balaio Hostel – Trancoso, Brazil
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“Working at Balaio was a really great experience and opportunity to get in touch with local people. Tasks are simple and if there’s a problem with it you can feel free to talk about it. Over all I learnt a lot and it helped me to develop myself in many ways, plus it is a place full of love and care! Muito Obrigado Guto, love you!”

by the worldpacker Barbara, from Chile.

Milhouse Hostel – Cusco, Peru
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“One of the best experience you can do! They hosted us as a part of family since the first day, the job is fair with what they give you and is actually very funny. The hostal is a middle way beetween a nice and chilling place and a full party hostal when you want! A completely enrichable experience!”

by the worldpacker Roberto, from Italy.

KaBa Hostel – Ghent, Belgium
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“I had a wonderful time at the Kaba. The atmosphere is relaxed and flows perfectly with that of the city! It’s also a great home point while exploring the rest of Belgium, which with the hours given, is easy!”

by the worldpacker Maggie, from Canada.

Felicidade Hostel – Mer, France
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“It was beyond amazing! the town is small and full of charm, the people of mer are incredibly sweet ,nice and helpful, its close to nice historical spots and towns, and about stephan the owner is a whole other story, he was not just an owner he was a true family member to us “me and other volunteers” he was very funny and friendly.”

by the worldpacker Doaa, from Egypt.

Prime Rooms – Vienna, Austria
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“The best experience possible to start in Worldpackers. Awesome house, awesome people, awesome environment. Viena is a beautiful city, and I’m sure I got the best of it at Primerooms, made some really good friends and enjoyed my time talking, cooking, partying and chilling with all of them. Thanks for everything guys, hope we come across each others in the future!”

by the worldpacker Fortunato, from Brazil.

Jeri Hostel Arte – Jericoacoara Beach, Brazil

“Jeri arte is a special place, where you can connect with other volunteers and guests. Would definitely recommend it for other people. The hosts are great and the hostel is really heart-warming. Loved the experience! :)”

by the worldpacker Camila, from Brazil.

The Big House Share – Toulouse, France

“My experience there was great and I’d totally recommend it. The host, Phil, is very kind and flexible with timetables. Tasks that he offered me were the ones that I told him I could enjoy and perform in a precise way. The house is huge and it’s garden is simply peaceful and you can perfectly chill there.”

by the worldpacker Sidonia, from Romania.

3BE Backpackers Bed and Breakfast – Eindhoven, Netherlands
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“It has been an amazing experience working with wonderful people for me! 3BE such a great place to stay. Eindhoven is a beautiful, calm and safe town. The Hostel has a very good location. It is takes around 15 minutes to get to the central station by foot. The owners of the Hostel are very kind and nice people. Everything was clean and very well organized. Michel and Franklin thank you very much! And of course, Roos! It is very smart, lovely and fantastic dog! I really want to recommend this hostel for all people who are looking for a friendly atmosphere and helpful staff in Eindhoven!”

by the worldpacker Maria, from Russia.

Rio Soul Hostel – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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“My experience at this hostel was amazing! Ever since I arrived they made me feel at home. Not only the owners but also the guys from the reception are extremely friendly. I really enjoyed practicing Portuguese with them and having wonderful conversations. The job itself is pretty funny and a very good way of meeting people from around the world, which is important when you´re traveling alone. Also, the bar opens in the afternoon so I could make the most of the day and go out after closing it. I would love to go back there someday!”

by the worldpacker Yani, from Argentina.

Pura Vida Hostel – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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“I loved the hostel it was easy to make good friends and feel like home with my coworkers you have the beach within a 3 minute walk, free entry to the best parties in Rio and the best location with a metro station just two blocks from the hostel. Working in breakfast was fun just a little bit of a hassle to wake up early but great since time flew by till noon and had all day to enjoy the city. The staff was great I appreciate the help everyone at the hostel gave to me cant say enough to appreciate my time here I would definitely work here again.”

by the worldpacker Pablito, from the United States.

El Cortijo de los Caballos – San Pedro Alcántara, Spain
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“El Cortijo is just a great place. Peggy is a really good host, very nice and helpful. The whole team is extremely friendly and always ready to help. The conditions of living are outstanding, you can fell like you in your own, private house. The time of work is flexible and work on itself is easy. If you look for peaceful place that location is perfect. It is also close (1 hour by bus) to very interesting and attractive places such as Gibraltar and Ronda. If I only have possibility I would like to come back for sure.”

by the worldpacker Adam, from Poland.

Corcovado Rio Hostel B&B – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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“I had a great experience at Corcovado Rio Hostel, as my first time using worldpackers it was just the best, language barrier can be difficult in any country, but if you are a willing traveler you will make it anywhere, be aware that you are in someone else business or house, it’s impostant to respect new cultures and ways of Living. Overall I had tons of time to explore Rio, and made lifetime friends!”

by the worldpacker Cristian, from Mexico.

Budapest Budget Hostel – Budapest, Hungary
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“My stay at BB hostel was amazing, the hostel is a very good place where you feel like in home , close to the city center, the staff is amazing, if you need something they always try to help you as much as they can, very good people working there , in your free time you can enjoy Budapest , it is such an amazing city, a week is not enough to go around. I hope to go back to this amazing city. Hope to see you again guys, Thank you for everything. I really recommend BB hostel :)”

by the worldpacker Bryan, from Guatemala.

Floripa Surf Hostel – Florianópolis, Brazil
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“I’ve spent an amazing time at the Floripa Surf Hostel! Juan and family are great hostesses. They know really well the business so your job will be really easy and have all the time needed to know the beautiful Florianopolis. The hostel environment let you be in touch with the guests from around the world and hang around the town. Thanks a lot Ganzo family!”

by the worldpacker Matt, from Argentina.

PH Lisbon Residences – Lisbon, Portugal
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“I have had such a fun time working at PH Lisbon Residences thanks to the amazing staff and people I met in the hostel! I stayed for only 2 weeks and wish I could have stayed longer. The owners and staff were all just sooo so welcoming and really treated me like part of the PH family. And it wasn’t just me, they also treat their guests like family and everyone was very happy to stay here. I would really recommend working here.”

by the worldpacker Nicola, from Australia.

Kombi Hostel – Santiago, Chile
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“I had such a great time at Kombi. The owners German and Ricardo were really cool, even coming out to party with us all every Wednesday (Miercoles Po!). Had to do one night shift every week and a few day shifts but it was possible to swap your hours with another staff member if you had other activities planned and the tasks were quite simple. The owners also have another awesome hostel in Valparaiso so you can stay there too on the weekend if there’s space. And of course the other volunteers were great, like a big family, everyone sharing food and having a good time. Thanks Kombi!”

by the worldpacker Renee, from Australia.

‘Ohana Guest House – Costa da Caparica, Portugal
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“This people are awesome I felt like this was my place since the beginning. You can organize with the rest of the volunteers and work in the best way for you. Costa Caparica is a really chill place but you can go to Lisbon if you need to since its really easy. Great people great place! Hope to come back again!”

by the worldpacker Carlos, from Spain.

Mooca Hostel Atlântica – Sao Paulo, Brazil
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“At the moment you enter Mooca Hostel you start feeling like home. You are part of a big family that work together and help each other. All the staff is great, they are always there to guide you with a smile and a great attitude. The hostel installation is very good too. It has a common room to play pool, play with different music instruments or just chill. It is in a very calm and safe neighborhood, so you can go out and come back at night without a problem. And the food is good too!”

by the worldpacker Alejandro, from Venezuela.

Hostel Brasil Boutique – Sao Paulo, Brazil
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“I’ve always loved Vila Madalena and HBB is located just a few meters from the best parties and restaurants. The Hostel will make you fall in love with Gastronomy and making new friends. For the last three months it was an awesome experience which I could enjoy as harder as I could and I’m already missing… See you soon guys!”

by the worldpacker Thomas, from Brazil.

Sagui Hostel – Florianópolis, Brazil
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“Sagui Hostel is a cute cozy hostel in Campeche Florianopolis. Its a beautiful place for some one that is seeking peace and tranquility in the lap of nature. Daniela was a sweet and kind ‘boss’ lol. She really welcomed me into the hostel family. We celebrated Christmas all together and there was a even a traditional turkey at the hostel for the party! Awesome times!”

by the worldpacker Aditya, from India.

Fasol Hostel – Moscow, Russia
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“If I have to recommend my experience in Fasol hoste, I would say you definitely need to experience it. This place is high quality services 24/7, but the main thing is human quality of people working there. They understand that most of the time traveling means dreams coming true for people, and they work on this way. From first day you’ll be part of this perfectionist and trustworthy team. They really helped me developing my personal interests about moscow and combine them with traveler’s ones. I just can say thanks from heart and hope to repeat this experience.”

by the worldpacker Karen, from Argentina.

Pousada Jacarandá – Trancoso, Brazil
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“It is very difficult to explain in words everything I learned in one month that I stayed in such an amazing place as Trancoso. The village, Pousada Jacaranda and Analice, the owner, make my experience as a volunteer nearly a dream. Here you can enjoy beaches to explore, meet wonderful people and an incredible cuisine!”

by the worldpacker Juan, from Uruguay.

Sítio Guayí – Tangará, Brazil
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“I had a wonderful time there with Ana and Andre! Every day we did something different whether it was planting or harvesting, or helping with construction. They were kind and welcoming hosts who had a lot to teach me. Their land is beautiful, and if you have any interest in sustainable living or agriculture, you will very much benefit from visiting Sitio Guayi.”

by the worldpacker Caitlin, from the United Kingdom.

Yolo Hostel – Búzios, Brazil
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“It was my first experience as a worldpacker and it could not have been better. The environment of the hostel, the people, the city, everything was just perfect. I got to know people from all around the globe, practice my English and I actually stayed more than planned just like everybody else who arrived at YOLO hostel while I was there, because it really feels like home. Thank you so much for the everything, I’m going to miss Buzios forever!”

by the worldpacker Paula, from Bolivia.

Residence Hotel Gloria – Palermo, Italy

“Great experience at Hotel Gloria ! Fabio is extremely nice and I felt welcome straight from the beginning. I lived in one of the actual hotel rooms – with air conditioning, an own bathroom and a small kitchen. I always worked in the morning; preparing breakfast and then cleaning the bedrooms. The work was pretty easy and it took me only between 2-3 hours, so PLENTY of time to discover Sicily 🙂 ! It’s a beautiful island and I am so glad that I’ve decided to spend this July there!”

by the worldpacker Anna, from Germany.

Samba Green Hostel – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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“Carlos created something great in samba green, something that you won’t experience in any other place. Stuff and Carlos are basically like a family always there to help :). Hostel has everything that backpacker needs. This was one of the best experience in my life.”

by the worldpacker Jiri, from Czech Republic

Viva Hostel Design – Sao Paulo, Brazil
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“Viva Hostel Design is one of the best hostels I’ve ever seen! It is super confortable and the owners are very hard working, responsible and helpfull. Helcio is the best boss ever! 😀 Great to work with, he teached me a lot about SP and gave me the chance to develop different abilities during the work at the hostel. If you look for a chance to learn and have a great time, this is the place! As a worldpacker, I totally recommend it: you will be very well received.”

by the worldpacker Paola, from Brazil

Ananta Hostel Bar – Córdoba, Argentina
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“My stay in Ananta was amazing, since the very first day I felt comfortable as if I was at home! The hostel is gorgeous and the work is really nice, so nice that you have fun while doing it. The employers and the other volunteers are really kind and open minded. This hostel was for sure the best one I ever stayed in. I totally recommend for anyone who wants to spend the best time in Córdoba and for sure make some really good friends!”

by the worldpacker Laura, from Brazil.

Estenas Winery – Utiel, Spain
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“Definitely an amazing experience!!! It’s been my first time traveling with world packers and I couldn’t ask for a better place. Eduardo and all the people there are very friendly , polite and they made me feel at home from the first moment! The work I had to do was very interesting, some of it hard and some of it easy and never was I asked to do more than I could. Utiel is a beautiful town not very far from the winery. I will never forget this place! I would surely recommend Estenas Winery!”

by the worldpacker Stefanos, from Greece.

Mec Hostel – Dublin, Ireland
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“I would recommend MEC Hostel to anyone! Bryan is a great boss and the whole staff is lovely, they will help you and treat you like family! Working hours and duties are easy to do. The location of hostel perfect so you can walk everywhere and experience Dublin city! I had a great time here and I will try to come back soon!”

by the worldpacker Alejandra, from Nicaragua.

Dona Benedita Hostel – Ubatuba, Brazil
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“I had a very good experience, I made several friends and was well received by the owners of the hostel, especially Jorge and Julio, who I consider friends as well. The work was for me a good learning, receive guests, show the hostel, check in and check out. In addition to other simple tasks as kitchen hand and wash the dishes during breakfast, and collect the garbage and dry bathrooms. I really enjoyed the experience of working in a hostel, and I especially thank Julio, for teaching how to operate the computer system and other things of running a hostel. Now I want to work in other countries.”

by the worldpacker Guilherme, from Brazil.

Bed and Be Hostel – Córdoba, Spain
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“José and the rest were great. They cared so much for the guests and their experiences in Córdoba, which made this work exchange more meaningful. They were really accommodating with the schedule, allowing me to take Spanish classes in the mornings. Córdoba is also a fantastic city–everything is walkable, and plenty to do without being overly crowded. Bed and Be is highly recommended!”

by the worldpacker Tabitha, from the United States.

SEOintheSUN – Puerto de la Cruz, Spain
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“I spent an amazing time working and living in Puerto de la Cruz. Nice weather, chill out and most importantly amazing people at the FU Academy! Work was really fun, Frank is the best boss you can have and the environment is so nice. You meet a lot of people from all over the world that share their experiences and also there are so many activities to do. I will totally recommend SEOintheSUN if you want to have an unforgettable sun-filled getaway. And Tenerife is incredibly diverse and there is a lot to discover – hikes, beaches and of course – El Teide!”

by the worldpacker Anton, from Bulgaria.

Café Rio Hostel – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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“Café Rio Hostel is just like home. Quiet and cosy but with amazing people around. Marcia and Jacques were great and always very helpful. Also the neighbourhood is safe and good place to stay for longer. I miss it already!”

by the worldpacker Katarzyna, from Poland.

Granja ViDar – El peñol, Colombia
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“If you like and looking for a simple way of live with kindly and lovely people, Alejandra and Cristian are this. You will stay in a beautiful landscape, to visit nice villages around, little bit working on a farm, time to relax, you are right. I enjoyed my days there very much.”

by the worldpacker Maria, from Germany.

Yim Huai Khwang Hostel – Bangkok, Thailand
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“I stayed 3 weeks at Yim Huai Khwang Hostel and I had a great time there. It was my 2nd time in BKK and my 1st time working as a volunteer with Worldpackers and I’m sure that I want to travel like this. I was travelling for 6 months in Asia and BKK was my last stop. Yim staff and Tem, the owner, welcomed me so well, they’re my Thai family. I was feeling like home,they’re so chil. The hostel is amazing, super comfy and well designed, the right place if you want to relax and enjoy the local life, the location is awesome. I learned how to make some Thai food and Thai coffee and tea. Huge Thanks.”

by the worldpacker Miguel, from Portugal.

Help Yourself Hostels – Carcavelos, Portugal
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“I spent unforgettable month in Help Yourself Hostel. This place has really enjoyable athmosphere which makes it feel like home. It’s easy to manage spare time as location is perfect both for relaxing on a beach and reaching other touristic areas. I would totally recommend worldpacking in Help Yourself Hostel.”

by the worldpacker Kuba, Poland.

Art Hostel – Leeds, United Kingdom
Click here to go there.

“I could not wish for a better staff ! The manager of the hostel, Rhian is a really nice ,energetic person who always knows what’s going on, and gave us the most preferable working hours. Not talking about the other volunteers ,they were really helpful when I got there, and made me smile everyday. If you are sociable you can usually have a nice conversation with the guests as well. Another plus that the hostel is in the city centre, so you can reach pretty much everything by a few minutes walk. I can only recommend it !”

by the worldpacker Reka, from Hungary.



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