Many say – and believe – that a nation’s culture can be truly experienced in its everyday life, when it reveals its modernity, messiness and diversity, through its habits and people.

What does traveling mean to you? For us from Worldpackers, it’s the best way to experience the world. People travel to get the chance to be in touch with a new culture, something that can’t be achieved just by visiting ruins, museums and monuments. But with so many places to go, and so many opportunities just waiting for you to jump into, how is it possible to choose what kind of cultural experience you want? Well, that is up to you to decide, but as a Worldpacker you will surely have great options to consider!  

Many say – and believe – that a nation’s culture can be truly experienced in its everyday life, when it reveals its modernity, messiness and diversity, through its habits and people. So, what could be more enriching when it comes to travel than working in exchange for accommodation, meals and other benefits?

With Worldpackers you will be able to live as a native and make your own mind about any kind of experience in this world. You will be able to use your skills – from photography to administration – to stay at a place where you will learn by experiencing new situations that you wouldn’t bump into as a tourist. You will have the key to a profound cultural experience laying in your hands. Understand more about what you can do as a Worldpacker here:

Hostel Life – click here

In the ordinary world, “hostel” is a place for those ones who want to travel in a cheaper way and to have loads of fun partying with people from all over the world. In Worldpackers world, that is just one part of the definition for this term. When choosing a hostel to be your home away from home, you profit culturally not only from where you are traveling to, but also from people you are going to live with. You get the chance to connect each day with a person from a different part of the globe, that can teach you things that will change you deeply.

When choosing hostel life, you opt for a state of permanent change. You discover that your skills aren’t uniquely the things you’ve chosen to study. But also the little capacities that are underwhelmed in your routine, as your communication skills or your empathy level. If you find yourself at a stage in life when you feel like you have already discovered all things you’re capable of, jumping into a crazy hostel routine might free your mind and help you find new roads to follow.

Social Impact – click here

NGO’s and social projects are institutions that work in order to make our world a better place. When choosing to be a Worldpacker that will make a social impact on those missions, instead of an ordinary backpacker that just passes by to appreciate the view, you will be able to have a deep understanding from where you decided to go. Your cultural experience will not only be defined by the good characteristics from where you travel, but also by its flaws and problems.

Social organizations are always in need of help. So if you feel like your routine, your work or even your motivations don’t make sense anymore, what are you waiting for? The opportunities are available to be taken. Children in Asia need you to learn English. Communities in Africa and South America need to be helped. For this kind of cultural exchange, you have to be looking for inner transformations, that just can be found way out of your comfort zone.

Nature Lovers – click here

In order to think about a non-dystopian future, we have to consider constantly learning how to live in harmony with nature. But in such a big world, how could we – single – human beings, make a difference in this great mission? Well, we don’t have the right answer for this question, but we do know places where you can discover it by sharing experiences with people that have been engaged with making nature part of their routines for a long time.

Ecological farms and permaculture institutes are places where you can have big cultural exchanges. Challenging yourself to give up on your traditional habits to learn how to be a better fit to this world is a big altruist step that can become easier when shared with those who are already masters in this art. And we can assure you that they are willing to teach you. So what are you waiting for challenging yourself to become a better version of you?

With this, we want to help you choose which kind of opportunity fits you best by explaining how you can benefit from each kind of experience provided by Worldpackers.

Of course every place in the world is different and has its own secrets, culture and characteristics, but we’ve chosen to gather positions into three macro groups to make things easier for travelers that don’t know where to begin. Definitely you’re the best person to decide what kind of travel will match your needs and expectations, but understanding what you can do to achieve them may enlighten your path and mind!



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