Learn how to make money during a trip is an excellent skill to develop!

If you’re passionate about traveling, you may not want to wait until you get enough savings to hit the road again. The good news is that you don’t have to! With Worldpackers, you can learn how to make money and save it by exchanging your skills for accommodation, meals and other benefits, that are spread in opportunities around the world.

Apart from that, there are also simple and effective ways to make extra money during your trips! We’ve gathered five here so you can start thinking in a more creative way about travel. Check it out!

1. Deliver grabs
Have you heard of Grabr? It’s an app that connects people around the globe who want to shop overseas. It’s pretty easy to make extra cash using it while traveling: you just have to set up a profile to see what you can deliver and filter by where you’re traveling next. When you view the requested items in your destination, make an offer, and, if the shopper accepts your bid, you’ll get paid upon delivery.

2. Work as a freelancer
You don’t have to be stuck in a cubicle to work with what you love. Using platforms such as Upwork, you can create an online portfolio and make it available for people that are searching for professionals just like you. If you already are a professional photographer, or are in the process of developing your photography skills, SmugMug is also a good option, with special features for photographers.

3. Make art
If you are a good dancer, musician, singer, painter, drawer – or whatever skills you carry in your artistic soul – there must be a street waiting for your collaboration in exchange for pocket money. This can be a fun hack and a good way to make extra money! Just be aware of any local laws regarding public decorum. It’s good to research in advance for this one.

4. Become a teacher
Don’t feel like standing in the street and like an entertainer? You can also turn your artistic gifts into tutoring subjects. Use posters to show people that you can become their guitar teacher, for example! This tip can also be used for languages. Think about the amount of citizens out there that would die to have English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German or French classes from a native speaker!

5. Work remotely
Who said you must quit your current job to travel? If your position allows you to work remotely, maybe all you have to do is talk to your boss and figure out things. You must have bumped into travelers that just needed their laptop to make their magic happens. Perhaps you can be the next digital nomad!

We believe that traveling should be a universal right. So with this list we hope to help you realize that is indeed possible to build your travel plans in a way that fits not only your expectations, but also your budget. That you can make money while traveling, and that this isn’t as impossible as you might think. Keep in mind that if it was so undoable, surely wouldn’t be so many people working abroad and exploring our big great planet!

P.S.: Of course that this is just a fraction of what can be done about extra cash during your trips! If you know any other way, we would be happy to hear you out. Please comment and share with other travelers 🙂

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