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In 2015, thousands of people accepted the challenge of exchanging their skills for accommodation using This new form of collaborative tourism meant travellers dedicated over 60,000 days to help out hosts from around the world. From cooking to reception, gardening to social media and more. Yet this was only possible because Hosts (such as hostels, ecovillages, farms and NGOs) opened their doors to welcome travelers willing to collaborate , learn and have fun .Check out below the 40 most desired places to collaborate in 2015, choosen by Worldpackers travelers. Get inspired by the reviews of those who have lived this experience.

Piratas da Praia Hostel – Recife/Brazil

Piratas“Piratas was my first experience on Worldpackers and was truly exceptional.the hostel is conveniently located just a block away from a beach, it’s clean and well organized. The staff of the hostel is really friendly and they will make you feel at home from your very first day. Paulo, the owner, is a very interesting and open person . Just go and see for yourself!” – Jacek, from Poland

Ô de Casa Hostel – São Paulo/Brazil

OdeCasa“Ô de casa used to be my home in SP for more than a month. I really liked the place, the neighborhood, the staff members, and the volunteers. There’s activities almost everyday in which both guests and staff take part! I had a great experience there… Although that was my first time as a Worldpacker and I think that it couldn’t have been better” Ahmed from Egypt

Thong Tos Foundation – Bangkok/Thailand

Thongtos“Teaching english for Thai children was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. The hosts are amazing and super generous, the project is extremely beautiful and the experience exceed totally my expectations. If you are looking for a nice volunteer job you should definitely share your english knowledge with these children.” – Franz Junior, from Germany
Did’s Hostel – São Paulo/ Brazil

Dids“I couldn’t have ask for a better place to work than with Dids! The staff were awesome and the owners of the hostel were incredible! I consider these guys to be my brothers! The friendships that I have developed during my time here will last a lifetime! I highly recommend this hostel to anyone and everyone! The staff and the owners were friendly!” – David, from United States

Pousada Jacarandá – Trancoso/Bahia Brazil

PousadaJacaranda“It is very difficult to explain in words everything I learned in one month that I stayed in such an amazing place as Trancoso. The village, Pousada Jacaranda and Analice, the owner, make my experience as a volunteer nearly a dream. Here you can enjoy beaches to explore, meet wonderful people and an incredible cuisine!” – Juan, Uruguay

Samba Green Hostel – Rio de Janeiro/Brazil

Sambagreen“It was really great to spend two months in Samba Green and learn how to make proper Caipirinha hehe. Carlos, the Host, is a very nice guy who takes care of his stuff and makes sure that, except from working, we enjoy the city. It was pleasure to be part of Samba Green Team, thanks Carlos!” Lukasz, from Poland.

Café Hostel – São Paulo/Brazil

CafeHostel“It was my first experience as a Worldpacker. There I learned that I knew so much things than I thought; I realised that by sharing my skills as a photographer, video maker, writer, cleaner service and others I could travel around the world without paying for accommodation, meeting nice people around the world and enjoying life” – Julián, from Colombia.

Funk Lounge Hostel – Zagreb/Croatia

FunkLounge“The friendliest hostel I’ve ever been to! It has a very relaxed and chilled vibe so it’s the perfect place to volunteer. The staff is amazing and the owners are are so damn cool! You are treated great, the dorms are good and you get a lot of time to see the city. My month there was fantastic (even with all the cold and snow)!” – Fabio, from Brazil.

Hostel Alice – São Paulo/Brazil

Alice“I came all the way from Costa Rica to Brazil, looking forward to have something more than just a place to learn Portuguese and volunteering at Hostel Alice actually gave me the opportunity to live with Brazilians in the classical Grandma’s house with an amazing Brazilian Staff and of course it was the perfect place to improve my Portuguese.” – Valeria, from Costa Rica

Equity Point Marrakech – Marrakesh/Morocco

equitypoint“It was my first volunteer opportunity with Worldpackers and I was really lucky. The hostel is used to volunteers, which is great, since they know exactly what they want from you and expectations are aligned upfront! The job is far from difficult. Staff is extremely friendly, food is good and the swimming pool is just fantastic. It’s an oasis in Marrakech!” – Fabio, from Brazil.

Nomade In Arte e Hostel – São Paulo/Brazil

NomadeIn“You couldn’t wish for a better place to stay. The hostel is very clean,, the location is perfect, and the owners are very helpful and open minded. I felt like i was at home, and i had too much fun! Living there was one of the nicest experience i have ever had. I recommend it totally with all my heart as a volunteer” – Sandrinha, from Brazil.

Sítio Guayí – Tangará/Brazil

SitioGuayi“I had a wonderful time there with Ana and Andre! Every day we did something different whether it was planting or harvesting, or helping with construction. They were kind and welcoming hosts who had a lot to teach me. Their land is beautiful, and if you have any interest in sustainable living or agriculture, you will very much benefit from visiting Sitio Guayi” – Caitlin, from United Kingdom.

Estação Marcos Ninguém Permacultura – Alpestre-RS Brazil

EstacaoMarcos“I have been at Estação Marcos Ninguém for 5 months now, working with the community doing joint efforts, teaching english classes and farming. The possibilities here are endless to develop within the 7 petals of permaculture. It’s a great opportunity for individual growth but also collective growth. I’m loving every minute of it” – Andre, from Brazil.

Solar do Cosme – Rio de Janeiro/Brazil

SolarCosme“I remember my first day at the Solar, Marcia greeted me with her warm smile and offered me breakfast. Then I met Mariana, Iara, Liana and Mairla, and little by little they all became friends with whom I shared a great work environment and fun moments. The staff works as a team, in a peaceful environment, full of laughter and positive energy” – Carolina, from Argentina.

ASH | Antwerp Student Hostel – Antwerpen/Belgium

ash“Since the first day I arrived to the ASH Djamila was lovely with me. I was nervous and my English was really bad. But they were patient with me and I worked mainly in the reception and doing the night shifts. In 2 months I met better the staff and it was fantastic work with them too. Djamila is flexible and gave me chances for traveling” – Iván, from Spain.

Hostel Catavento – Alto Paraíso de Goiás/Brazil

Catavento“The best experience of my life. The hostel is amazing and the owners, Júlia and Ivan, are a gift if you are looking for peace and harmony. The work was great  and very rewarding when we see the happiness  of the guests during their stay at the hostel . This trip was the best experience of all , so I’ll soon be back and this time to live!” – Ana Paula, from Brazil.

Felicidade Hostel – MER/France

Felicidadehostel“It was beyond amazing! the town is small and full of charm, the people of mer are incredibly sweet ,nice and helpful, its close to nice historical spots and towns, and about stephan the owner is a whole other story, he was not just an owner he was a true family member to us “me and other volunteers” he was very funny and friendly” – Doaa, from Egypt.

Cube Hostel – Leuven/Belgium 

CubeHostel“The Cube Hostel is beautiful, vintage, fun, clean, organized, happy. Liz, the owner, is a great person, and Yannick, the manager, is an awesome support and friend to everyone there. They take care of the hostel daily, will help you with everything and are open and interested in hear us and consider our opinion to run the hostel better each day” – Camila,  from Brazil. 

Corcovado Rio Hostel B&B – Rio de Janeiro/Brazil


Corcovado“Corcovado Rio is a place of great chances. They are developing great ideas and open to any good suggestion. In Corcovado Rio you will be a bit out from the chaos of the center but still pretty close to everything because of the big bus stop at just 5 min from the hostel. Perfect if you have a pro-active profile and like food :)” – Giuliano, from Italy.

Art Hostel Anton – Tivat/Montenegro

ArtAnton“Montenegro is one of my favorites places in Europe. They are amazing people. Maya and Ivan make you feel like in home.  ( I call them Mom and Dad ). I don’t have words for explain. You most have to come for feel and see with your eyes this beautiful, magic and amazing place. You’ll be in my memory and my heart forever.” – Sylvia, from Brazil. 
Destination Hostels Lisbon Portugal

Destination“My experience in Destination Hostels was really incredible. I met amazing people, that I put in my heart. The staff are amazing, the place is beautiful. I really enjoyed and learned a lot of things. I never will go forgot the Arabic Party, the BBQ in Alfama and, of course, the pub crawl and the new year party. I really recommend!” – Poliana, from Brazil.

Vatia Beach Eco Resort – Tavua/Fiji

Vatia“Waking up to the sound of waves gently crashing on the beach. Venturing out of your room to the welcoming smiles of the Vatia Beach staff and fellow guests. Eating breakfast on the terrace overlooking a patch of paradise. I got some wonderful opportunities to hone and develop my photography skills and build my professional portfolio” – Emma, from Australia.

STF Hagaby/Lantgården Löttorp Sweden

STF“My stay at Lantgården was the best! Stefan and his family are really open and relaxed, and the place itself is the perfect place for those wanting to explore the nature and surroundings of the island after a few hours of work per day. Stefan says it´s the sunniest place in Sweden, which makes it even more attractive :)” – Johanne, from Norway.

Hostel Barra – Salvador/Brazil

BarraHostel“Hostel Barra is a nice place in a pretty good area of Salvador. Just in front of the beach you could really enjoy the amazing weather of Bahia. While i was there the hostel was not really crawdly and pretty chilling but the staff there is amazing and really welcoming and friendly. Really nice people are driving this place” – Giuliano, from Italy.

Books Rehab Hostel – Arraial do Cabo/Brazil

BooksREHAB“I stayed three weeks in Books Rehab. I definitely recommend it for those who are looking for a laidback experience, who are open-minded and sociable. Bruno and Alex are very cool guys. whats’s very special is that they genuinely go beyond the commercial side of the hostel and treat each guest and worldpacker treated like a friend!” Oceane, from France.

Alias Youth Hostel Antwerp Belgium

aliasyouth“It was amazing! The place is really cool and the hostel crew are outstanding! I met friends that I’ll  have for the rest of my life! It was a very relaxed and family environment where you can feel at home while traveling around meeting cool people to hang out with 🙂  Thank you for all wonderful days, because you have taught me so many things I love YOU!” Ariadna, from Spain.

Books Hostel Rio de Janeiro Brazil

BooksHostel“This is the perfect hostel if you like to party and be in a busy neighbourhood! The staff are really friendly and good fun to hang out with, i had a delicious breakfast everyday and the best caipirinhas in town are made in our bar! I met some fantastic people from many different countries since Books is a very busy hostel.Thanks Felipe and Books family for everything!” – Carla, from Portugal.

Café Rio Hostel – Rio de Janeiro/Brazil

CafeRioHostelI spent almost one month at Café Rio Hostel and it was an incredible experience! Jacques and his wife Marcia are the perfect owners, they always try to make you feel comfortable and they are very friendly. The job is very easy and you have a lot of free time to enjoy Rio, and then you meet people coming from all over the world – Elena, from Italy.

Saint James Backpackers Hostel – London/United Kingdom

SaintJames“My first experience as a Worldpackers at Saint James Backpackers Hostel couldn’t be better: the location was perfect as I could explore all the centre city walking, the staff was truly friendly, there was always interesting guests from all over the world and I felt I really improved my english and got to know new things about the hospitality and customer service fields”– Anne, from Brazil.

Muffin Hostel – Valparaiso/Chile

MuffinHostel“I had a great experience at Muffin. I have learned a lot about the business and how it works. The staff and Matias (the owner) are really kind; I felt like I was in a family. The city is beautiful, and you don’t get tired of get lost in the colorful streets and discover new people and places” – Emanuel, from Costa Rica.

Makuto Hostel – Granada/Spain

MakutoHostel“Makuto is one of my favorite Hostels that I’ve been and I couldn’t choose better hostel to stay. All the magical atmosphere, the good location and positive vibration that comes out made me so surprised and lucky. Most of the guest answered that had chosen Makuto because of the tree house but when they arrived could see that had so much more to see and to live” – Gustavo, from Brazil.

The Trip Hostel – Punta del Este/Uruguay

Thetriphostel“I was very well received by the staff, it is a familiar environment where I felt really at home” – Filipe, from Brazil.

Nascer Orgânico – Santa Isabel/Brazil

NascerOrganico“Lilian and her project are awesome! She has a huge knowledge about permaculture and she shows so many love when sharing it with us! She also cooks very well, provided healthy and delicious food every day and her place is very cozy and well structured to receive volunteers. I wish I could have helped more, I feel I won more than I gave” – Isaelena (Isa!),  from Brazil.
WE Hostel Design – São Paulo/Brazil
wedesign1“If you are looking for an amazing experience as a Worldpacker, please do not hesitate on staying at We Hostel Design. It is difficult to find out who is the boss, because Guilherme “The owner”, will always treat you like family and will give the opportunity to make any suggestion in order to keep the hostel as one of the best of Sao Paulo” – Sebastian, from Colombia.

The Pink Palace – Corfu/Greece

PinkPalace“It was such a nice experience. Since the beginning, to the end. The family was very nice and made you feel welcome there. The work was easy as well. The place I stayed in was beautiful, so much to enjoy there, kayaking, quad safari and clif jumping… Breakfast, lunch and dinner was provided and everything was amazing” – Júlia, from Brazil.
Che Lagarto – Morro de São Paulo/Brazil

CheLagarto“My experience at Che Lagarto Morro de São Paulo was AWESOME! It’s a great place to stay, all the people who work there are really nice and put so much love in what they do. Always with a smile and good vibes, 100% buena onda!! You Will have a lot of fun and meet a lot of interesting people.“ – Belen, from Argentina.

Hostel 2300 Thomar – Tomar/Portugal

Thomar1“As soon as I arrived in Tomar, I knew it would be a special place, the city is full of history and sweet people. Here in Tomar I found a family. Sonia, Tania , Eutimo , Fernando and Joana made feel at home. The hostel was fantastic and full of interesting people from all over the world , especially pilgrims traveling to Santiago de Compostela!” – Giulia, from Italy.

Que Tal Hostel e Arte – São Paulo/Brazil

Quetalhostel“My experience at Que Tal Hostel e Arte was extraordinary, not only because the place is peaceful, but because I found a family atmosphere, that made me feel at home. It’s a good way to travel and know how the city actually works, you make friends that surely you’ll bring the rest of your life” – Yudy, from Peru.

Yim Huai Khwang Hostel – Bangkok/Thailand


“My time at Yim Huai Khwang was amazing! The staff was so friendly and made me feel at home. It’s a very modern and comfortable place to stay as well. The Host Tem had given me the freedom to get out there to explore on my own as a photographer and was very open to new ideas” – Christina, from Canada.

BA Stop Hostel Buenos Aires Argentina


“What can I say about this wonderful place? Best experience ever! The hostel is very comfortable, the staff is super nice and the guests I had the opportunity to assist were wonderful. I like to say that I’ve learned more about world economy, different cultures and “about myself” while I was living this dream than any other course could offer me”Vivian, from Brazil.

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