How about making somethings different on your next trip? Take a look at these amazing spots and change your destination route.

Traveling anywhere in the world is easier than it seems. We know that there are many things to plan and worry about on a trip and that’s why Worldpackers was born, to make travel more accessible and easier.

Worldpackers is an online platform which connects different types of hosts (from hostels to eco-villages) looking for volunteers and travelers who are willing to volunteer exchanging any skill they have (from helping with farming to administration) for a free place to stay and meal.

We believe that, if more people would go out to see what’s out there, the World would be a better place. Trips helps people to open their minds to the different lifestyles and beliefs and it raises awareness for the infinite directions in which life can flow. It turns us into more respectful and compassionate human beings making us understand why “traveling is the only thing we buy that makes us richer”.

And that’s why we believe that traveling changes people. And these people change the World. 

So much that we even made a pretty damn-cool video about it 🙂

So, for you to understand a bit more about what traveling and Worldpackers is all about, here are 10 amazing hosts that show a piece of us

1) Vatia Beach Resort, in Fiji


You know that movie scene in which a person is sitting by the beach just chilling and having a cocktail watching a splendid sunset? Yea, this is much better! Vatia Beach Resort is a small eco resort located in Fiji, an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. There, you can live for free by taking photos and making videos of the daily life in the paradisiac beaches of Fiji. Sounds cool, huh? And, even better, they have paid jobs for those who adventure themselves in the island for a year! Fiji, I’m coming! 

2) Eco Hostel Medellín, in Colombia


The Colombian Amazon Forest has kept it’s exuberance throughout the years and it attracts people from all over the world. Now, you can live in the middle of nature, learning and teaching about permaculture and spanish. Besides that, in Eco Hostel Medellín you’ll have not only accommodation, but also 3 meals and laundry! Yea, that’s what the south american warmth is all about! Take me to Colombia! 

3) CVTD Vietnam, in Vietnamchange-your-trip-03

Vietnam is a tiny country in Southeast Asia. On it’s northern part, lies Ha Long Bay (or Bay of the Descending Dragon), one of the most famous World Heritage Sites of UNESCO. Hanoi is the place to be if you want to visit it. However, another good reason to visit the country’s capital is CVTD Vietnam. The NGO offers accommodation and meals for travelers who want to teach english to vietnamese kids. Check out CVTD Vietnam!

Travel + World Heritage Sight + making the World a better place = Most rewarding and meaningful experience ever! \o/

4) Art Hostel Anton, in Montenegro


Most of people who travel to Europe do not visit Montenegro. However, the fact of being one of the newest countries in the World is, at least for me, a huge reason for people to visit it! For sure, countries with very old history are very attractive due to all the experiences it had gone through. But, the opportunity to see a baby country building it’s own culture and history and help with basic needs like reception and housekeeping is quite rare! Montenegro, here I go!

5) Coolangatta YHA, in Australia


The beautiful beaches of Australia are famous worldwide! The Gold Coast is home of the prettiest beaches in the World and it’s a must for every beach lover. But, yea we do have to consider that Australia is quite an expensive country to visit (sorry, aussies =P). However, Coolangatta YHA has the perfect solution for that: You can stay for free by cooking to travelers from all around the World! Cook, chill, meet many nice people, enjoy the beach, party… I want to experience the Gold Coast!

6) ITH Big Bear Mountain Adventure Lodge, in the USA


Who has never heard about California? The west coast of USA is packed with nature, parties and, above all, nice people! ITH Big Bear Mountain gives you the opportunity to live in the mountains, but without being totally away from San Diego, which is, by the way, one of the coolest cities in the World. And, the best part of it? Help as a tour guide by taking people to hike, climb, snowboard and many other activities. “The mountains are calling, and I must go!”

7) Miramar Surf Camp, in Nicaragua


This one is for the surfers! The Caribbean Sea is a world famous spot for surfing and it’s possible to experience this paradise by helping at the reception, welcoming fellow surfers from around the world. Leandro, Miramar Surfcamp host, is a surf lover and for sure will make you feel at home away from home. Collaborate, surf and chill. This is the life in the Caribbean country of Nicaragua! I want to surf!

8) Mothership, in Thailand


***EARTH CALLING*** Mothership, in northern Thailand is calling you! They need your help to create the first Thai UFO! Volunteer with Painting and Decorating to create the most fashion and alternative UFO the Milky Way has ever seen! Get free laundry to clean your painted clothes and, besides that, you’ll get all 3 meals with the best food that Thailand has to offer! Off to the moon! 

9) Zinga Backpackers, in Zambia


Zinga Backpackers is a brand new Eco Backpacker Hostel, in Zambia. It is home of the Victoria Falls, famous for the Devil’s Pool, which allows travelers to have THE cutting edge experience of how a 108m waterfall looks like! With Eco Backpacker Hostel, you can live this experience and, even better, help them with social media, “making more people know about Zinga Backpackers and Livingstone”. I want to Hakuna Matata!

10) Santa Terê Hostel, in Brazil


Rio de Janeiro, the most beautiful city in Brazil (if not the World) is full of joy, happiness and, of course, amazing beaches! Apart from experiencing all the beauty and colours of Rio, you’ll be able to help with pretty cool things like taking photos in exchange for accommodation. The Santa Terê Hostel has a great swimming pool, incredible people, pool table and the best sunset view of Rio de Janeiro. I want to hug the Christ!

So, yea! These are the top 10 Worldpackers hosts for me! What about having a look at the website and telling me yours? 😉

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