ITH Hostels San Diego & Worldpackers are teaching us how to change the world through small actions

Once upon a time, there were a group of 4 friends who believed traveling was the key to a more collaborative world. Bobby, James, Eric and Riq pursued this dream on how to change the world until today, creating International Traveler’s House and Worldpackers. Both ventures started at the same location amongst really good friends. From the desire to change the world – spreading peace through the knowledge of culture, Bobby & James founded ITH Hostels. Eric and Riq joined the team later and together they created a perfect place for travelers to exchange skills for accommodation. 

International Traveler’s House was founded to create memorable, authentic and unique experiences for travelers looking for an amazing eco-friendly lodging option. Their on-site hosts – who manage each location – accomplish this through taking guests on free local adventures and providing complimentary hot breakfasts and home cooked dinners. By staying at ITH, travelers become a part of a community dedicated to creating global and cultural sustainable relationships. 

It was from these experiences created at ITH Hostels that Worldpackers was born. While working with Bobby and James, Eric & Riq decided to give the same opportunity to the rest of the world through an online community that connects hosts and travelers from all over the world exchanging skills for accommodation. Travelers now have a safe and secure platform where they can find unique places around the world to use their talents to help out hosts. Besides experiencing new cultures, they can make an impact and get ready to learn new skills and languages along their travels.


Now ITH Hostels and Worldpackers are expanding and growing together! The 4 friends are united again to share not only a few beers and epic travel stories, but also meaningful travel experiences. Being responsible for creating spaces, whether online with Worldpackers or physically with ITH makes this cultural exchange possible. Driven by a collaborative mindset, they’ve come up with some of the best travel opportunities for those looking for an unique experience abroad.


If you are looking for an epic traveling experience volunteering in one of the TOP hosts in the USA, ITH Hostels have just opened its positions at Worldpackers! From helping out with Housekeeping to Party Promoting, you can live in California along with people from all over the world.  As a Worldpacker there, you’ll have free access to boat parties, pub crawls, beach BBQs and other events thrown by the hostel 😉

Check out their open positions and get ready to have the time of your live as a Worldpacker:

Safe travels!


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