Our routine is killing us slowly and we’re often too confused.  If you’re reading this, please, don’t be afraid to face your fears …

We believe in personal transformation as key to the future of humanity. We are constantly evolving, learning from our mistakes, studying to gain more knowledge about ourselves and working for… why do we work? In your life, could you tell a situation when your mind really said to you: “Face Your Fears”?

We work to have money. Do we believe in what we’re doing? Sometimes. Often not. Do we work for the sake of our planet and people? Sometimes. Often not. However, we continue working because we need to pay the bills, support our children, look after our family and buy things. We keep accumulating thousands of inanimate objects to fill our tiny apartments, our messy rooms and our lonely hearts.

On one hand, we feel an unrealistic and suffocating assurance. On the other hand, we feel fear. All of us at one time or another, have felt fear. Fear is a feeling that annihilates, weakens, dulls our talents and imprisons our souls. We’re afraid when we spent all day at work, or in public transport, or inside our homes, alone or accompanied. We’re afraid specially when we need to make choices. Several times, we’re truly afraid to live.

1Any unknown situation presents two possibilities: either we succeed or fail and learn. Fear is nothing more than a refusal of our minds to consider the possibility of success, a neurotic conviction that, under no circumstances, we’ll be able to overcome our limitations. Thus many dreams remain unattainable, considering that no one can guarantee success or victory to anyone, the risk always exists and we can try and fail, despite all the effort.

Fabio and I have had a home, car, furniture, clothes, steady job. We were wealthy but we weren’t happy. Therefore we decided to leave it all behind and travel the world. We’re still learning from our mistakes, studying to gain more knowledge about ourselves and working to continue traveling — a different sideway from the beginning. We’ve found that traveling makes us happy and that’s what we want to do. Will we travel forever? Only time will tell.

What matters is that we’re constantly evolving and trying to be better as a couple and as individuals. We don’t live by the rules anymore. We don’t like labels and have accepted that we’re daily changing, reinventing our most intimate desires and embracing fear with our arms wide open.

At last, what is better: one hundred years of safety and frustration or a moment of joy and pleasure? Who has never ventured abroad stays protected from danger at home, but until we’ve jumped the wall of fear, we won’t know what lies on the other side. Who would dare bet, rather than something awful, we’d find the meaning of our lives, right? No one can ensure that there isn’t waiting for us, at the end of our rainbow, our little pot of gold. If we search long enough, we might find something even more meaningful.


We aren’t saying it’s dead easy. It wasn’t simple to sell everything we had and put what’s left inside a backpack. This isn’t the perfect lifestyle and not all people can live like that. That was our choice. That’s the choice we make every day when we wake up on the road somewhere.

To be honest, we’re still working as online freelancers to have an income. We don’t have lots of money anymore, not even luxury and — to our families and friends — no future at all. However it may be, we prefer a thousand times not to have this future so desired to forget to live the present.


Follow our journey on the blog Sexo, Viagens e Rock’n’Roll (Sex, Travels and Rock’n’Roll in Portuguese).


It’s time to face your fears

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