Suddenly that dorm bed isn’t just a place to crash for a couple of nights. It’s your home away from home and that’s the beginning of a whole new experience.

During your travels, you’ll find all kinds of hostels, with different sizes, concepts and budgets. There are eco lodges, party hostels, boutique hostels, guesthouses and even the ones that seem to be your own home away from home. However, there’s one thing all hostels have in common: it’s an environment made for you to socialize.

Funk Lounge - Hostel in Zagreb, Croatia

Funk Lounge – Hostel in Zagreb, Croatia

From the moment you became a Worldpacker and decided to travel the world exchanging your skills for accommodation, you’ll have to get used to the 24/7 life in a hostel. Most of the time you will have no privacy at all. Other times, you might run into people in the kitchen and start philosophical conversations. One thing is certain, you will find some of the most crazy, intense and true friends of your life.

Living in a hostel turns you into a more friendly creature and a better storyteller. You will learn to communicate in any language (or no language at all), becoming an expert in the art of miming. You will learn to talk with everyone and always offer help, regardless of the job you have to do.

Perhaps these are the main points of living and working in a hostel, how easily you get attached to people and want them to have a good time. You’ll probably change the way you see different cultures. You will respect the rituals of each religion, will discover a new variety of musical tastes and will also realize that the world does not revolve around yourself (or your own country).

Lisbon Destination - Hostel in Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon Destination – Hostel in Lisbon, Portugal

While living in a hostel, you will organize your stuff frequently and keep your backpack always tidy. You’ll have a routine and, after you finish your volunteer assignment, you’ll always have a friend around to practice your sigh-seeing and people-watching skills in the city. You will eventually feel homesick, especially when you’re all alone. If that happens, just log on Skype and talk to family and friends about your exciting new life.

True story, living in a hostel will definitely make you a better person. You will become more easy-going, tolerant and, above all, develop more empathy for others. Spending your time among other travelers will give you ideas for new destinations to add to your bucket list and, who knows, you might even meet someone special to share your trips with, just like Fabio and I did. 🙂

We, human beings, have more similarities than differences. After all, we are travelers and our life is on the road. We could live in a hostel for as long as we want (maybe even end up owning one) but one thing we know for sure: united we can change the world!

Andira and Fabio

Andira and Fabio

When are you planning to start your own travels?

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