How a sudden decision transform my life into an adventure

My adventure starts like this: one minute, one impulse and I was quitting my job. Soon, the idea of traveling by myself was blooming in my head. The will to get my backpack and just leave was growing. I left the office, got home, turned my pc on and, before I could realize, I was buying a ticket to Chile. I had 2 months and no idea of how to spend them.

I had already backpacked in some places, left other jobs to explore the world, lived abroad, sold my car to travel for a year in Brazil. But, it would be the first solo travel. Planning a trip had never been so intense like this one. There were fear and the void feeling in my stomach with a good dose of courage and curiosity.  This mix had it’s first destination: Santiago, Chile.


Before getting there, I had already talked with some hostels. I remember getting in the airport with this sketchy paper on my hand telling me the cheapest way to get to the hostel, which included a bus, metro e 20 minutes walk through somewhere I had never been. But, this feeling made me psyched. The search for the new, the language, habits… and, before I could notice, I was already at the hostel.

One month in Santiago was about studying, volunteering, night outs and sightseeing. I liked being on my own, I had the feeling of exploring different and hidden “me’s”. Besides that, getting to know and open myself to new people was great! Having dinner with a german, breakfast with dutch, drinking with japanese and tasting wine with an american who was touring around Chile seeking new tastes! Everything was unknown: the people with whom I would share the bedroom, the trip tour I would do, there were so many come’s and go’s that my feelings were a mix of missing memories and wanting new adventures and new rip ideas.


“The moon brought art to me”

I made some trips to the surrounding towns, but my next destination was the Atacama Desert. A town located from a 24h bus drive, incredible landscapes and endless thoughts, without mentioning the moon that brought art to me. And in the Atacama I was, I had no booking or place to stay. Sometimes, after a while traveling, we start to let our heart take us and the itinerary goes according to the place where you feel like you should be.


Magical colors

The 50 liter backpack makes you understand that the most important luggage is not your clothes, but your experiences. Coming back to the Atacama, the sun that was setting with the arrival of the Jupiter was bringing the moon and a sky full of stars. The nature of Atacama is a poetry and art that don’t need to be read, only see and feel. This was a spiritual and transforming moment that made me keep going to Bolivia, to the Salt Flats of Uyuni.


Endless salty white

A crazy 4 day trip by jeep, at 5000m above sea level, without showers, cold nights and sleeping in small houses in the middle of nowhere would give place to sunsets, lagunas, volcanos, geysers and the Salar de Uyuni, which is the only space on earth that is recognized from the moon. There were 2 very intense months, freeing and fun!

And this only fed my though that we should take the world out of our backs and walk around it.

By Worldpacker and Mother Hen of Hosts Paula

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