It’s always importante to move and keep on discovering new places, even if it’s the city next to you

Once a traveler, always a traveler. However, I believe that, for those you have had the chance to travel for a long period of time, it’s specially hard to settle down, get a job and go back to the old routines. Not that going back home and living a “normal” life is a bad thing. If you run out of money, you have to work, which is, depending on the job, great! But, of course, the travel feeling is always filling your mind and soul, making it literally impossible to stop thinking where to go next. But there’s always a way to move without giving up your nowadays routine.

But, yea. It’s not because once I had the chance to travel for 10 months that I always only have to do it in this way! Traveling is not about the time, is about the experience. For me, traveling is about leaving and coming back with a different state of mind, with fresher thoughts and, if not with different goals, with renewed motivations to achieve the old ones and, of course, meeting people!


Worldpackers team enjoying a short holiday in Brazil! 

So, the way that I found was to travel around my home, Brazil. I don’t know how many of you have heard about the beauties of Brazil! But, this country has an overwhelming amount of things to see and feel. From beautiful beaches to dense and mysterious jungles, we have it all! And, of course, traveling in your own country or for a smaller amount of time is not better or worse. Getting to know Brazil is an amazing experience and I want to explore more and more!


Enjoying chilled times in Paraty, just few hours drive from São Paulo!

You don’t have to go for a long time. You don’t have to go far away. All you have to do is to not forget to move.

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