If you are backpacking for the first time, there are, in my opinion, two main world regions that could be a bit easier to explore. For this post, I considered many aspects, rather if it’s easy to travel around, visa bureaucracy, culture, meeting people… and the list keeps going on and on! So, in few words, I would say that countries that are easy to travel, with nice and beautiful sights and nature, where you can meet many other travelers and don’t have such a big different cultural gap would be the most convenient ones if you are going for a first trip.

Before I start, I just want to make my point about the cultural gap. When you are traveling for the first time, you really don’t know what to expect. You still keep your values and ways of thinking deeply in your heart, which is, of course, alright! And that’s why I think that visiting a very different place at first might be a bit hard. It’s still difficult to absorb the differences and, more importantly, respect them! So, I don’t know, when someone who has never traveled abroad asks me to recommend a certain destination, I usually take all this in consideration and two main regions in the world come to my mind!

Southeast Asia

To start, Southeast Asia is a region in Asia (duh!) that consists of many countries, with the main backpacking hotspots being Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar (Burma).

So, for me, southeast asia was the perfect place to have a glimpse of how traveling can open one’s mind. Even though it was a very different place (at least for me, who comes from the western world), because of the fact that it became a backpacker’s hotspot, the locals from the main touristic areas, like Vang Vieng, in Laos or Bali, in Indonesia, all speak english. Besides that, it is very easy to travel around the countries! There are buses going everywhere, everytime and visas are available at the border for most of nationalities (for any visa questions, click here)Also, people are super friendly and food is delicious! And, of course, a steady flow of travelers coming and going make it incredibly easy to meet many people, from all over the world!

But, wait! Don’t get disappointed when I say that the culture is not so different! Just the fact of the language, street signs, manners, people’s lifestyle and even their physical appearance being different are already enough for an overwhelming experience! I was amazed everytime I learned a word or expression in their language or visited incredibly beautiful places!

To summarize, I would say that southeast asia is a very special place for me, because of it’s people, culture and easiness of travel. It’s the perfect place to experience a different culture, with the comfort of the nice and easy southeast asian vibe!

So, if you want to know about the other main region to go, stay tuned!!

pai, thailand, southeast asia

Playing with elephants is one of the things to do in Thailand!

kuang si waterfalls, laos, southeast asia

Beautiful, but cold, Kuang Si Waterfalls in Laos

ko tao, thailand, southeast asia 2

ha long bay, vietnam, southeast asia

Ha Long Bay is a world famous sight in northern Vietnam

angkor wat, siem reap, cambodia 21

The sunrise at Angkor Temple, in Cambodia is amazing!

angkor wat, siem reap, cambodia 19

The movie Tomb Raider was shot in Ta Phrom Temple, Cambodia

angkor wat, siem reap, cambodia 13

The walls have eyes and ears in Bayon Temple

ko tao, thailand, southeast asia

 Nice and easy lifestyle! 🙂

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