Traveling alone is an opportunity to see the world in a different way

So you want to travel to discover a new place, meet new cultures, try the local cuisine and all the amazing things of a new life experience. But you don’t have company and think that traveling alone might be sad, dangerous or even senseless for not sharing experiences with someone. What many people don’t know is that traveling alone has lots of benefits that surely will turn you into a better person, no matter the time of your adventure.

Being alone in an unfamiliar place, especially away from home can be despairing for some people. But the truth is that surrendering to the experiences and embrace the fact that they can contribute greatly to a better understanding of the world, whether you are alone or in groups, can be extremelly fun and aggregating. Even more if you’re all alone, since all the planning, money, and related activities will be made by you for your own enjoyment.

There is no reason not to travel alone nowadays. More and more people around the world are joining the backpacking and hit the road alone in search of adventures, meet new people and places. There are several Facebook groups with indications of places, hosting tips and also travel planing with others who are also about  solo traveling . It means that the chances of you finding a backpacker ready to share stories is growing.

Of course traveling by yourself will make you a better person, but it’s not just that. It can also be a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and apply it in other areas of your life. With that being said, below are just some results of a solo trip and some tips about the best places to travel alone.




You will know yourself much better

When traveling alone, time belongs only to you and there’s no need to follow an specific script. Walking through the places and sometimes do stuff you never imagined are great to know a little more about yourself. Liking it or not, at least you tried. And most important: group activities tend to be more pleasurable by the shared moment, but in an individual experience who evaluates the pleasure of the activity is you. That will make you more determined, spontaneous, open-minded and other features for your personal development.

Your respect for other people will increase

Every place on Earth has its own customs, beliefs and foibles. It’s like this in the city you live, in your neighborhood and even your house. All this builds the place’s atmosphere and determines the characteristics of a certain region. So you’re the one who needs to fit in the place. Talking to locals is essential to absorb as much as possible knowledge of the region and enjoy tips on what to do, where to eat and stay. And if you’re visiting a country with a different language, why not try to learn a few new words?

Your courage to face the world will definitely grow

It’s very difficult for some people who travel solo to deal with the fact that they have to go out alone to explore the places. Many are afraid of being mugged, tricked or simply get lost. However, it’s important to keep in mind that no place is 100% safe as your home. By the way, traveling with your friends or family can also provide risks of something happening. Why? Because the physical space is not responsible for the local culture, places can not harm you. Other people can, and that’s not something we can control.

With that in mind, the best way to avoid danger is still ignoring them. Being a good observer to understand what happens around you is also recommended to make a better reading of the site. So when someone comes to you offering anything suspicious or when you feel some kind of evil, just ignore them in the same way you do with street vendors in your neighborhood. Negative thoughts and apparent despair attract bad things, good thoughts and love attract good things. However, as we don’t control other people’s action, running is always an option.


You will only be lonely if you want to

Yeah. If you stop to think about the amount of people traveling alone or in groups wanting to share experiences with others, you will realize that being alone is just your choice. The best way to meet someone new is – surprise – starting a conversation, whether if being from the same nationality as you or not. An approximation full of good intentions can result in good friends, great stories and a bunch of new photos.

Not to mention the hostels around the world! Their essence is to host people looking for chatting and companionship, so the chance of making a new friend is huge. Not only the lower prices attract guests, but there’s also the fact that they can always meet new people. To know the reality of other people out of their comfort zones is wonderful!


People will see you differently when you come back home

After a period away from family and friends, coming back home with the feeling of accomplishment and many stories in the luggage is priceless. Surely they will be eager to hear every detail of your adventure and will want to know about the food, the price of things and the local habits. You become a kind of guide for them, who surely will hear every word with pride and admiration for all you went through during this time you were traveling. All this will make people around you see you more mature and confident, which is great for your self-esteem.

Add your experience in traveling alone in your resume

OK, not literally. But the fact that you have traveled alone is well regarded by most companies, especially when dealing with an international experience where the knowledge of a different language ​​is required. In addition, it is worthwhile to search for events, lectures and workshops of your labor market when traveling to take a look at what is being said out about your workplace. Meeting other international companies in the same industry can also be interesting to know it’s role models and acquire knowledge to pass on to your colleagues.

Keep in mind that companies are still formed by human beings who understand the need to travel, then during an interview with a recruiter mention the fact that you spent a period traveling alone and describe how it helped you to have a better understanding of the world, to develop a better comprehension about yourself and also deal alone with situations you never imagined. After all, for higher positions in the company, the abilities to make decisions and deal with other people are extremely necessary. Stop to think about a way to tell your story in a professional way and turn your trip into a plus for your career!


Don’t let your fears, uncertainties and the fact that having no one to go with you get in your way to travel the world. Always carry good thoughts and a smile on the luggage, surely your experience will be much better than imagined and you will be surprised with what you can accomplish alone. Have what to tell your children, grandchildren, and friends and enjoy life the way it has to be!

Guilherme Pinotti

Go live your dreams!

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