Traveling is about fulfilling dreams. Travelers are those who decided to be where they want to be, instead of staying where they don’t want to stay. A big challenge in life is to be where you are. How often we are in a place, but our thoughts are in the future or in the past, here and there? Travelers decided to be where their hearts told them to be, instead of an endless postponing and short vacations to recover from an insane year of hard work. “Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious”. Think about that. Why are you not doing the things you’ve always wanted to do?


I took a while to realize that my time is the only thing I really own in my life, and the only thing that can’t get back. We get lost so easily in the routine of small things that we forget the big things in life. I see people talking a lot about their two week vacation in Europe, but what about the other 52 weeks? Is this really a fair ratio? Life is yours and seeing life as a greater trip allows me to understand that travel has its own dynamics, and as much as in life, you can’t predict everything.

I see a “glamorization” of travels, people thinking it is not for them, they don’t have the necessary experience; they can’t leave their routine to travel or they don’t have enough money. Travel is more possible than ever. Nowadays, the world is a much safer place, almost everyone speaks a bit of English, prices are reasonable…Create your own time; substitute the mentality of lack of time for the abundance of it. I had the perfect fate to be another workaholic investment banker, but here I am, writing in shorts on a beach in a sunny Monday afternoon.

Why not? Why not take some time off to travel?

There are more people traveling now than you think. Experience the world, laugh and learn from others. Get inspired and go to your dreams’ places. Don’t be shy and go off the beaten track! The journey is more important than the destination. Challenge your comfort zone! The people you will meet will change the way you see life and you will gain a new attitude towards everything. Happiness and freshness. If life is a journey: how are you traveling through yours?

Go travel!

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