Living in another city or country is an experience that can transform your life. You can see the world through a different set of eyes and get to know yourself better. You can understand what truly motivates and inspires you.

The problem is that having the chance to do this often involves spending a lot of money, which makes having such experiences inaccessible for many people. With the objective of democratizing travel and making it more accessible, Worldpackers gives you the chance to volunteer in hostels worldwide. These are not random, generic hostels, but ones that also share your values and fit with your personality. Anyone can volunteer simply by using your skills to help out in return for a bed – thus avoiding the need to pay for accommodation.

alt=”strumming  a guitar in a hostel.”

Music+travel = good times


Whilst you think about your next destination, we have found a few more reasons that will convince you to volunteer in a hostel and have an unforgettable experience. If you’ve never been to a hostel, you will see why we refer to them as unique places. On the other hand, if you’ve already been to one, we are certain you’ll have a few things to add to our list.

  1. The hostel atmosphere is awesome.

Join travellers from all over the world sharing living spaces, experiences and cultures, creating a more casual, collaborative and human environment. The most common thing you’re likely to hear or say is, “that’s for me”!

  1. A hostel is never just a hostel.

Some have art expositions (often created by guests and volunteers), others host live shows and concerts. There are those that are open bars to the public and even, nightclubs. Some are leaders in design, others that are alternative with sand floors. There are even co-working hostels, spiritual hostels, hostel schools and hostel restaurants amongst others. Imagine the diverse experiences you can have living in such places.

  1. Mix everything with anything.

You will get to know an array of different people: students, backpackers, tourists, travellers, travel workers, couples and families. Furthermore, you can make friends with locals who enjoy the receptive and open nature of hostels.

alt=”make friends with locals”

Friends for life.


  1. Learn how to say, “Good Morning” in 12 languages.

Ok, so every traveller will have their specific travel plans and spend most of their time outside of the hostel. But everyone has at least one thing in common: to take advantage of the free breakfast­! And in that glorious moment when everyone gathers around one table, you will not remember the chocolate croissant that you ate. But you will remember that foreigner who not only said, ‘good morning’ to you, but also promised to visit you next year in some random country.

  1. Get to meet inspiring people.

Hostel environments normally attract people with an open mind and those with inspiring travel or life stories. For this reason, they are places that can fascinate by encouraging the convergence of diverse ideas and personalities. For example, Worldpackers was born out of two friends meeting in a hostel.

  1. Get to know the locals and the places that only locals know about.

It’s not that guidebooks and maps don’t help, but you must agree that they can be a little predictable and dour. Living in a hostel, you will have much more contact with locals where they can recommend you the best places to visit from a truly local perspective. You’ll soon discover that many fantastic places are not mentioned in many guidebooks.

alt="doing the limbo"

Party time local or not!



  1. No day is the same.

Quite simply, travellers come in and out every day doing new things. From partaking in an odd activity to undertaking challenging tasks to having an out of body experience to learning new slang – no day is the same. In fact, every day presents you with another opportunity to get to know yourself better and learn something new.

  1. Ah! You realize that you are capable of doing anything!

Tourist guide, sports teacher, party promoter, barman, chef, language teacher, mechanic, gardener, musician, DJ, painter, photographer, poet or stand up comedian. These are just some of the things that that you can do to enrich the guests’ hostel experience and leave them desperate to travel again!

  1. Cooking is not only a hobby, it’s a fraternity/sorority.

What’s the advantage of cooking in a shared kitchen? The Japanese guest cooks the rice, the Argentine grills the steak and the Frenchman chooses the cheese. Whoever wants to be part of a shared dinner only needs to chip in with another recipe or ingredient. And the odd beer.


alt="cooking with friends"

Some truly international cuisine.



  1. You can stay connected.

Most hostels offer free WIFI, which is pretty important in this day and age of smartphones and selfies. Thank the likes of Mr Zuckenberg for the ability to contact friends and family through photos and instant messages at the touch of a button.

  1. You learn to share.

You learn to share many things in a hostel. You can share living spaces, ideas, friendships, food, shampoo, beer, stories and more – as long as you feel comfortable doing so. Generosity and kindness goes a long way in creating good stories.

  1. You can travel the world sharing your skills.

How? Being a Worldpacker.

Go Volunteer

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