Traveling changes people.

Almost like a primitive instinct that echoes from the bottom of our souls, we look for a new meaning in life as we hope to escape our mundane routines. It gives us a new sense of being, in pursuit of realities capable of showing how abundant and magnificent our world is. We travel to explore, to learn and to understand, not only the world around us, but ourselves. We search to comprehend what defines, motivates and inspires us.

As we travel, we improve our understanding of the world. We realize we are part of a society made up of complex personalities, deep-rooted traditions and vibrant cultures that are ever evolving. We start to truly appreciate this diversity and begin to develop an affection for other countries, their people and the culture they preserve. We then question what our role is as a traveler. We feel uncertain yet curious and it fosters a creativity we never thought we had.  We realize that, together, we are capable of making the world an even better place.

Traveling makes people want to experience a purer form of wealth. It’s a form of wealth that you can feel deep in your soul and has nothing to do with money or materialistic possessions. A traveler’s idea of wealth is one based on freedom, discovery and self-knowledge. It is an intangible wealth that cannot be seen, but only felt. It is a wealth measured through spectacular views, wandering across natural landscapes against the elements of sun, wind and rain. And whilst we wander, we meet people, young and old, rich and poor as friends or strangers. We tread new paths, guided by an innate desire that we all want to feel more, to become more human.

Driven by an aspiration to transform people through travel, Worldpackers was born. Worldpackers is a global marketplace that connects travelers and hosts through the exchange of skills for accommodation. We want people to have the opportunity to travel the world using their skills and sharing experiences in return for a bed; becoming a volunteer, saving money, collaborating and helping others. Worldpackers is a community that represents a new culture of travel and collaboration, which aims to unite travelers and hosts through deep and meaningful exchanges. Thanks to technology, we believe travel can and will be part of a shared economy that we hope will define our generation by creating a more equal and distributed society.

Go Volunteer

For travelers, we offer unique and fulfilling experiences abroad at very low prices as we eliminate ‘accommodation’ from your travel expenses. As Worldpackers volunteers you will be part of a wonderful journey. You’ll become more independent, more knowledgeable and a more rounded person as you interact with people from all over the world. Using your skills in exchange for a bed will give you the opportunity to experience a different lifestyle.

For hosts, you’ll receive energetic, generous and multi-skilled volunteers motivated by a will to learn and share with others – all for the cost of one bed. Welcome amazing travelers from all over the world who will help you create an incredible hosting environment and experience. They will collaborate with their skills to build something you and your guests will remember forever. ‘Why do it alone when we can do it together?’ Receiving volunteers, you will have the opportunity to change these people lives as you’re at the heart of their journey.

Traveling changes people. And at Worldpackers, we believe these people will change the world.

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