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This is the first time we’re writing for Worldpackers and it’s a pleasure to share our ideas, plans and travel tips with you all. But first, let’s introduces ourselves properly:

We are Natalie and Robson, but you can call us Nat & Rob, or the Love and Road couple. We’ll be more than happy with that! 😉 Together for about eight years, we have been through a lot of things: trips, parties, family problems, job problems, parties, more trips, dreams, realizations, more parties… So many things that just made our partnership stronger and stronger…

Pic suggestion 1 - FES, Morocco

Why we are here?

Because at the beginning of 2014 we decided to quit our jobs, sell all our stuff, pack our bags and hit the road again! We are Brazilians and we used to live in a small and nice town in the south of the country (Itajaí – Santa Catarina), but now the world is our address.

On April we started a journey around the world. We kicked off in Madrid, Spain, and we have no clue when or where it will finish, or even if it will end one day. Love and Road is the name of our Life Project and Blog. The idea is to make a journal with tips, advice, information and our stories. I mean: to inspire people to travel more and better.

I’m writing this article from Istanbul, Turkey, and probably will be answering the comments from somewhere around Thailand, our next destination. This mobility and adventure is everything we dreamed about. It thrills us!!!

Pic suggestion 3 - Fes,Morocco

But why we are doing this?

Our passion for travel started in 2006 after a trip/party to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since that we have never stopped. In 2007 we moved to Dublin, Ireland and spend two years living in Europe. Back in Brazil in 2009, we explored part of South America and our amazing country.

We were happy, everything seemed to be in the right place. On 2013 we moved to our own house, we got married (uhhhuuulll!) and went for honeymoon in Turkey, Ukraine and Ireland. Sounds perfect! After 20 days of trip we were back in Brazil, and believe or not, we were depressed.

To be honest, something was bothering us. The travel bug was getting stronger and our feet were itching more than never. We weren’t ready to settle down and start a family (even being in our 30´s, we know it´s not the time yet). First we have to discover the world, travel around, meet people, visit places, learn about life and tell a life story.

Pic suggestion 5 - Cabo de Gatas, Spain

How we are doing it?

So we quit our jobs, rented our house, sold our car, clothes, furniture, books, everything that would not fit into our backpacks. We got a good bunch of money on our garage sale. Now we just carry some clothes, electronics, lots of love and dreams… And I’m pretty sure that it will be enough!

We had to change our way of life, how we think and act. We became minimalists! We have our savings but on the way we try to work. We do house sitting, we exchange work for a place to sleep. We travel… We live… We love!

Pic suggestion 4 - Reggio Emilia , Italy

To keep our project running around the world, we have to find ways to minimize our cost and increase our income. Now that we are going to stay 6 months around Southeast Asia, we are dying to found a nice hostel to work with. It´s not only a money saving option, it is also a life experience.  “Please Hostel`s owner around Asia, check my profile on!” 😉

Jokes apart, another important thing is to travel slowly. With time you can search for better prices, alternative transportation and you learn how to live like a local. At this point you are no longer a tourist, you become a real traveller.

Become passionate full-time Travellers, that´s our dream and our goal. Love and Road is still a baby and the blog has being online just for three months. However we have wandered a lot, so far we pinned 29 countries and 4 continents so there are plenty of interesting stories to come.

Hope we can talk soon, or meet in some corner around the world!

With Love,

Nat & Rob from to all Worldpackers


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Pic suggestion 2 - Sahara Desert, Morocco



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